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Why Essential Schoolwear

Minimise the Carbon Footprint of your School uniform

School Uniform is no different to any other business activity in that it produces a carbon footprint.

Many direct to school suppliers transport your garments over large distances to embroiderers and printers scattered around the country before they ever reach you.

Essential Schoolwear’s policy from the outset has been the total control of the processing of your orders in one location.

  • We order garments direct from our manufacturers.
  • Embroidery, printing and packaging is carried out 'in house' at our schoolwear dedicated factory and warehouse.
  • Orders dispatched direct to you.

The Effect

The efficient simplicity of this operation allows us to be more environmentally friendly, helps reduce our costs, and allows you to take advantage of the savings we make, by buying school uniform at factory despatched prices.

Customer Satisfaction

Take advantage of our experience!
With our background within the clothing and textile industry, we have the knowledge to ensure we source and supply only quality garments at the most competitive prices.

Don’t Take our Word for it

For added reassurance, please ask for references and we will put you in touch with similar schools or colleges to your own.

What Is Important To You When Deciding On School Uniform?

If it’s speed and reliability of deliveries, we embroider and print your uniform ‘in house’ and aim to deliver two weeks after receiving your order, even in the busy periods.

If it’s price, since 1995 we have been amongst the most competitive in the business, even though a good proportion of our garments are manufactured in this country.

If it’s quality – you decide! We will confidently leave samples for you to inspect and test.

Free Set Up of Logo

We will provide embroidered or printed samples for your approval.

Special Orders

We are specialists in supplying any garment you need. Any style – Any colour.

Minimum Embroidered Orders

8 pieces, which can be of mixed garments.


Is free on all orders over £100.


Primary and Middle schools that have a logo applied to pupils clothing are zero rated, irrespective of garment size. For all other schools, Vat is charged where applicable.

Payment Terms

Payment terms are net 14 days after delivery. All other conditions are subject to fairness and ‘common sense’.

Schools are our business, and because we are successful we enjoy what we do.....  Or is it that, because we enjoy what we do we are successful?